Boudoir is an Investment in YOU! Let's Talk Payment Plans!

Betcha didn’t know I offered payment plans?!

Here’s the thing, I actually WANT to work with you! DUH! I want you to feel confident, sexy, and all around fabulous because you fucking deserve to feel like a beautiful badass that can take over the world! You deserve to celebrate your body and all that it has, can and will do for you and I want to be the one that makes that happen!

Are you thinking: Is this selfish of me?! NO, NOT IN THE SLIGHTEST!

You are teaching your daughter, your niece, your granddaughter, or even the young girl who watches you confidently shop for clothes at Target vs tearing yourself down because you no longer fit into the size you wore in high school that YOU are fabulous and so is she!


There is no blueprint for how to be a woman in 2019, there never will be. You choose how you want to see yourself in the mirror, are you filled with regrets? Are you ashamed of your stretchmarks? Do you envy the models on the covers of Sports Illustrated? OR do you celebrate that you are a strong, capable, and BEAUTIFUL woman? Hint, hint: if it’s not the latter, let;s fix that!

I will happily guarantee, if you leave a boudoir session with me feeling anything other than confident and unapologetically fabulous, I will gift you a completely free 45 min session so we can try this again! *I have never once, in the last 5.5 years had to “re-do” a session!*

So now, here’s what you came here for - payment plans!

My payment plans are simple, I require the same initial retainer with every client regardless of them doing a payment plan or not: $50 for a 45 min session (deducted from your total package cost of $325 +tax) or $145 for a 90 minute session (again, deducted from your total package cost of $645 +tax). After that is paid you can choose how you want to structure your payments, I just ask that you pay off your session within 6 months of your session date!! In case you’re thinking: What’s the catch?! Here it is, you do not receive your edited images or album if you choose to add that on until your balance is paid in full. Boom, done! That’s all!

You ready to feel like a beautiful badass?! The answer: DUH!

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Lindsey Lay