So... Uhm... Puppies!

SOOOO many squishy PUPPIES!

Hi sweet friends, I have been MIA for the last few days because of a few personal reasons BUT I wanted to share with you our most exciting new additions to our little family! Scroll down for the sweetest pictures of Misha when she was extra, super pregnant, a few minutes after her last pup was born and then this morning at one day old!


Misha joined our family about 6.5 weeks ago, she was roaming our neighborhood when a few of us neighbors tried to catch her to see if she had a collar and/or microchip, after 3 hours, 4 animal control officers and SOOO many failed attempts we called it a night. Misha then came back in front of ours and a few other houses and barked ALL. NIGHT. LONG. The next morning my next-door neighbor Kelly and I lured her into our fenced in back yard, Aaron suggested we open the back doors so she could come in if she wanted. Against my better judgment we opened the doors, she took about 2 hours to come in, chill out, and let us FINALLY touch her. We made a trip to the vet, no tags or microchip; filed an animal control report and waited the 14 days before she was "officially" ours. Two days after she was "officially" our pup she got into some grapes that were in a sealed plastic bag in my purse, ate about 10-12 and cost us $1,200 (yes one thousand two hundred dollars) for a three day animal hospital stay to make sure they flushed out the toxins that the grapes produce in dogs. 

Fast forward to LAST WEEK when I saw movement in her belly and started putting the pieces together, she's PREGNANT. Sooooo, now we have 6 precious puppies to love, nurture and raise for 8-10 weeks. Was I excited? Are you joking?! NOOOO! Misha was our first dog, had already cost us $2,000 in vet bills within 6 weeks of having her, and we didn't want things to change! Am I excited now? ABSOLUTELY! It'll be tons of work (during my busy season) and lots of cleaning but I have already, in the day that they've been alive fallen in love with them.

Misha is a wonderful mama, other than when she does her signature "flop" and smothers the puppies. Don't worry, they're fine and we move them every time. I have gotten to cuddle with these pups and smelled their puppy breath, my heart melts with every little squeak so needless to say we are kind of thrilled that they showed up in our lives. 

~All 6 puppies are chunky, wrinkly, healthy and gaining weight!~