Boudoir Photography // What the heck is it?!

Boudoir photography is a lot of things - to me, it's everything!

If I had to describe what these sessions are in a short(ish) way I’d say: They’re an uplifting, empowering, ridiculously fun way to unleash your gorgeous inner bad ass while getting your hair + makeup professionaly done, drinking bottomless mimosas and dancing poorly to my awesomely random playlist! Did that make sense?! Meh, if it didn’t that’s cool too! 😎 If that doesn’t speak to you, I don’t know what will!

If that doesn’t make sense (still) then take a peek at these behind the scenes photos of little old me in action, literally having the time of my life and here’s my IG for you to stalk to make sure I’m not weird. Well, not creepy because let’s get real, we are all weird!

You picking up what I’m putting down?? If so, then hell yeah! If not, feel free to email me and I can ramble on more about how amazing boudoir sessions are, why I have my own boudoir photos taken at least 4 times a year and why I think EVERY woman should participate in this amazing experience!

Let me conclude this blog post by saying I believe that every body is beautiful - not in the newly trendy way, but in the way that we should celebrate what your body has done for you: when it helped you walk in a Relay for Life event to raise money for cancer research, when it helped you grow and birth a human, or when it helped you take your fur baby on a walk! Your body is beautiful and I would love to help you celebrate that! I minimally retouch my work, I only remove temporary things: pimples, bruises, scrapes, and razor burn (because let’s get real, I know you shaved JUST for your photo shoot - been there, done that)! If you’re wanting to look like a porcelain doll or a highly retouched centerfold, you shouldn’t reach out to work with me. YOU. ARE. BEAUTIFUL, as is!

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