Hey Babes! I'm Lindsey Lay, a boudoir photographer + business coach for creatives!

I’m a sweet, southern belle who happens to say “fuck” in every other sentence💥 BOOM! Betcha didn’t see that one coming! Anyway, I have two puppers that I’m obsessed with @chaconwolves and a man I adore! 💋 I drink coffee like it’s going out of style and am addicted to saying “yasssss Queen” #nobigdeal 💁🏼‍♀️ I will probably mention The Office, Game of Thrones or Sex and the City at least once during our conversation so if you aren’t a fan of any of them.... bye.

I am a huge fan of anything indoors, on my couch, with Netflix in the background. Soooo, I guess you could say I like to “Netflix and Chill” but not the fun, sexy kind of Netflix and chilling, the actual chilling while wrapped up in 4 or 5 cozy blankets.

I truly believe that every body is beautiful and have made it my mission to show women not only that they’re beautiful on the inside but the outside as well! Read more about what boudoir sessions are to me, how I describe them, why I believe every woman should participate in this amazing experience and see more of my work by clicking HERE!

Lindsey Lay Boudoir Photographer
Lindsey Lay Boudoir Photographer


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